CA4Health Priorities

CA4Health utilizes a racial equity lens and our Guiding Principles for Health Equity and Justice, to track and support other policy areas related to:  Immigration, Mental Health, Resiliency, Universal Healthcare Access, and Violence Prevention.  

Poverty Reduction: CA4Health believes that reducing poverty in our communities is one of the most impactful ways to advance health equity. While California has incredible affluence, the wealth gap across our state continues to impact our most vulnerable. We support policies that focus on economic development, improved educational and employment opportunities, criminal justice and bail reform, and programs that provide financial assistance to impacted communities.

Housing: CA4Health believes that housing is a human right. Across California our cities and neighborhoods are struggling with a lack of quality, safe, affordable housing. We support policies that increase affordable housing, community-oriented development, provide supportive housing to those in need, keep individuals and families housed and address homelessness across the state

CA4Health believes in co-creating just and equitable systems in which ALL individuals can prosper. This means collaborating with policymakers, community leaders and partners to improve conditions and increase opportunities for health utilizing a racial equity lens. 

Food Justice: CA4Health believes in a just, sustainable, and inclusive food system. We support policies that increase healthy food access and food recovery, advance environmentally friendly food practices, and support workers across the food chain regardless of immigration status.

Racial Equity: CA4Health believes racial equity is an outcome and a process. As a process, we apply racial equity to policies, systems, structures and institutions by analyzing data so we can identify, uncover and remove barriers that produce racial disparities. As an outcome, racial equity is the condition that would be achieved if one’s racial identity no longer predicated how one fares in society.

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