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Advancing Prevention and Equity Together

CA4Health is an inclusive statewide community of practice made up of people and organizations working to advance chronic disease prevention and health equity in California. We do this by creating and supporting opportunities for peer networking, capacity-building, information sharing, and advocacy actions. We believe that increased collaboration, fostering non-traditional partnerships, and tackling tough challenges together will create impactful, lasting change in California.


Policy Insights 2018 Conference in Sacramento

March 22, 2018  8am-5pm PST

The California Budget & Policy Center is holding its annual Policy Insights conference in March in Sacramento! The program will feature timely information, analysis, and dialogue on the critical challenges and policy questions facing our state. This will be a full day of discussion on how, even amid a deeply uncertain federal policy environment, we can advance smart, forward-looking policy choices that allow all Californians to share in our state's economic gains.

CPEHN’s California Reducing Disparities Project to Advance Mental Health Equity Statewide Conference

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 in Los Angeles

The California Reducing Disparities Project to Advance Mental Health Equity Statewide Conference will focus on aligning mental health access advocates to build a unified vision for achieving mental health equity

ENACT Day 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 in Sacramento

9am - 3:30pm PDT, Sacramento

Registration is now open for ENACT Day 2018 in Sacramento.


May 17 - 18, 2018 in Sacramento


The California School-Based Health Alliance will host its 2018 California School-Based Health Conference: Leading the Movement for a Healthy California, at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento on May 17-18, 2018.


Understanding Marijuana Webinar Series

CA4Health's 3-part webinar series provided key understandings of the effects of marijuana on our health and how to address the long-term residual consequences of its criminalization in our communities. View recordings:

Marijuana and Our Health: What we do and don't know

Marijuana and Communities:  Criminalization, Impact, and Moving Forward

Marijuana and Public Health:  Opportunities for equitable policies and approaches

Walking Towards Justice series:  The Criminal Justice System's Impact on Walking and Walkability in Low Income and Communities of Color

Panelists discuss discrimination within our criminal justice system and how it intersects with the work (e.g., Vision Zero, safety outreach and education, equitable enforcement, etc.) being done by walkability advocates.

Webinar recording

Racial Healing and Achieving Health Equity in the United States

Trust for America's Health has released an issue brief as part of Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation's second annual National Day of Racial Healing. The brief highlights health inequities, the factors that influences them, and policy recommendations that can help the nation achieve health equity.

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State of Gentrification: Lending to People of Color in California

The Greenlining Institute and the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) assessed home
purchase and refinance lending across California and three diverse cities: Fresno, Long Beach, and Oakland. This report does a deep dive into 2015 home lending data.

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