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Advancing Prevention and Equity Together

CA4Health is an inclusive statewide community of practice made up of people and organizations working to advance chronic disease prevention and health equity in California. We do this by creating and supporting opportunities for peer networking, capacity-building, information sharing, and advocacy actions. We believe that increased collaboration, fostering non-traditional partnerships, and tackling tough challenges together will create impactful, lasting change in California.


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A Commitment to Equity: CA4Health Equity Principles

CA4Health has been exploring how our program office and members can collectively embody our commitment to health equity. Following PolicyLink’s Equity Summit in April, members of our CA4Health delegation collaborated to craft a set of intentions related to equity that will keep the energy and lessons alive for our network. Our first outcome from these discussions is CA4Health's Guiding Principles for Health Equity and Justice. These principles express our commitment to equity and will inform how we assess what policies and/or actions CA4Health will support.

Accessing Mental Health in the Shadows: How Immigrants in California Struggle to Get Needed Care

In California, there are an estimated 10.3 million immigrants, constituting 27% of the state’s population. 2.9 million are undocumented Californians, nearly a third of the state’s immigrants. California’s immigrants also have diverse and intersectional identities. There are an estimated 250,000 undocumented LGBTQ+ immigrants in California. Among black immigrants in California, 16% are undocumented. Many immigrants have also gone through traumatic and often violent migratory experiences. Coupled with the stigma of and misconceptions about receiving mental health services, these factors put the physical and mental wellbeing of immigrants at particular risk.

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California Food & Farming Network - Food & Farm Scorecard 2018

California’s good food movement continues to make progress creating policy that will support a healthy, just and resilient agriculture and food system. The seventy organizations linked through the California Food and Farming Network and California Food Policy Council tracked twenty-one bills in 2018. Positions were taken on seventeen of them. Through the legislative or budget process, 70% of these bills were either killed or adopted in accord with our position.

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Understanding Marijuana Webinar Series

CA4Health's 3-part webinar series provided key understandings of the effects of marijuana on our health and how to address the long-term residual consequences of its criminalization in our communities. View recordings:

Marijuana and Our Health: What we do and don't know

Marijuana and Communities:  Criminalization, Impact, and Moving Forward

Marijuana and Public Health:  Opportunities for equitable policies and approaches

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