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Advancing Health, Justice, and Racial Equity Together 

CA4Health connects and engages people and organizations to advance health and equity in California. We strive to advance health for all through building power and agency, lifting up racial equity, making space for sharing experiences, creating avenues for change, and forging non-traditional partnerships. We believe that increased collaboration, a focus on equity, and tackling tough challenges together will create impactful, lasting change in California. 

People. power. perspectives.

Tune in now to CA4Health’s newly launched podcast series:


The People.Power.Perspectives is a podcast series created by CA4Health where we talk with leaders that are advancing Health, Justice, and Racial Equity. CA4Health understands that social movements should be inclusive, authentic and brave, and that no single person or entity can do it alone. Throughout the series we will feature partners working on upstream issues impacting communities and discuss how inequities intersect, connections to health, and the value of expanding community and equity centered approaches across multiple sectors. Listeners will learn from others working to build agency, inclusiveness, and power to drive change and create more just and equitable outcomes.

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